What to Expect in Couples Massage

What to Expect in Couples Massage

Couples massage does not necessarily only refer to erotic massage.  There are many ways that two people can achieve relaxation through massage.

What is Couples Massage?

In couples massage, two people receive parallel massages in the same room.  This can involve two friends, two relatives, or two partners.  Spas have a “couples suite” devoted to this purpose, in that it contains two massage tables.  It is up to the two people involved whether or not they wish to talk or socialize during the massage.  Some prefer quiet.  Couples massage is perfect for those who wish to share the spa experience, and it is especially beneficial to those who are trying massage for the first time.  Some people may be nervous about the nudity (under the towel) that is involved in spa massage; therefore sharing the experience with a trusted partner can be “reassuring”.  People prefer couples massage for other reasons, such a having a shared relaxation time with a friend, a sister, or for mothers and daughters.  The cost is generally twice the price of an individual massage.  Couples massage is best done with someone who prefers the same type of environment (i.e., quiet or talkative).  Also, both partners should agree to the length of the massage time.1

What Happens in the Massage?

Because two separate massage therapists are involved, each person can choose the type of massage they want (i.e., Swedish, shiatsu).2  Spas can make sure that the experience is one of “synchronization”, so that the massage leaves the couple “relaxed and rejuvenated”.3  For romantic partners, a couples massage can be a “sensual” way to relieve stress.  To make sure that everyone has the same expectations, it is best to ask some general types of questions before entering the massage room.  A common question would be to ask the gender of the masseuse.  Some people feel more comfortable with a masseuse of the opposite sex, while others would prefer the same gender.  Another item to ask about would be the amount of nudity involved.  For some people, total nudity is preferred, while others would rather keep undergarments on.  In either case, all private parts are covered by a towel or sheet.  Asking in advance about the parts of the body that will be massaged is another important question.  Some people want to make sure their masseuse works on particular regions, such as the head, lower back, calves, or neck, for example.  The spa massage typically takes place in a dimly lit room, perhaps with aromatherapy, and it involves various massage oils, and sometimes soft music.  The type of massage performed can vary, based on the preferences of the individuals and the available offerings of the spa.4


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