X-Ray and Chiropractics

Wilhelm Roentgen

X-Ray history dates back to the year 1895, when they were first discovered by Wilhelm Roentgen, a German scientist. While conducting an entirely separate experiment with a Crookes (named after its inventor) tube, Roentgen noticed that a small bottle in the back of his laboratory started to glow.  The bottle contained barium platinocyanide, a salt compound, and responded to the cathode rays … [Read more...]

Discovery of X-Ray

Worlds First X-Ray

William Conrad Rontgen is credited as the first person to analyze and interpret x-rays.  X-rays were founded by emanating discharge tubes called Crookes tubes around 1875.  Rontgen transcribed a preliminary report "On a new kind of ray: A preliminary communication".  On December 28, 1895 William turned the report, the first of its kind, in to the Würzburg's Physical-Medical Society journal.  Since … [Read more...]