Oriental Massage

Oriental Massage

Who practices oriental massage?  Well, everyone who is a massage therapist does!  Oriental massage is the eastern ancient art of practicing massage therapy.  Massage therapists employ the following techniques: Effleurage, Petrissage, Tapotement, Roulement, Trigger Point Release, muscle stripping, Cyriax friction, and hydrotherapy application.  Some massage therapist’s further practice eastern … [Read more...]

Certified Workers For Massage Parlours

Massage Parlours

Have you heard the negativity associated with massage parlours?  Many times often enough, massage parlours have a negative connotation.  Sometimes they are referred to as the practice of massage therapy by women whom typically do not possess a state license to practice massage therapy and they engage in erotic behaviors.  This is very unfortunate for the massage therapy community not only to the … [Read more...]

Massage Classifieds: Areas to Focus


In these difficult economic times many massage therapists are finding themselves engaging in massage classifieds to market themselves and their specific services to the community.  While many Americans find massage to be a luxury reserved for the rich and well-to-do, many others are aware of the much needed benefits of this ancient art. Benefits of Massage The benefits of massage include: … [Read more...]

Schools With Massage Therapy Programs

Massage therapist

Corvita Institute The Corvita Institute is a nationally accredited massage therapy program located in several cities.  Each location is accredited and acknowledged by the U.S Department of Education.  Massage Therapy courses at Corvita focus on theory and practice, communication and ethics, and science and anatomy courses.  The staff at Corvita Institute provides students with an educational … [Read more...]

How to Become a Massage Therapist


Steps Involved The first necessary step in becoming a massage therapist is to list the reasons why you would like to practice massage.  This will help you narrow down the areas you want to specialize in, as this is vital in deciding what school will be the right fit for you.   Many people practice massage because they enjoy making others feel their best.  Some massage therapists may want to help … [Read more...]

Getting A Career Started in Massage Therapy

What you need to know Each state has their own set of regulations and licensing requirements to become a massage therapist.  Currently, 33 states regulate massage therapy and the remaining 17 require a business license to practice.  It’s recommended that potential massage therapy students research the requirements of the state they live in before joining a program.  Students should enroll in a … [Read more...]

Becoming A Massage Therapist

Becoming a massage therapist can be a very rewarding and exciting career.  Most people enjoy working in massage therapy because it offers the flexibility and pay that no other career can.   It’s vital to always do thorough research on the massage therapy schools in your area before you select your final choice. Massage Therapy School There are many different massage therapy schools that offer … [Read more...]


Shiatsu Massage

A Shiatsu massage is focused around the teachings of Chinese medicine.  The Shiatsu massage helps to increase the flow of one’s energy, like many of the Chinese massages.  The Chinese believe that the natural energy should always flow through the body’s normal pathways, also called the body’s qi.   They also believe if the body’s natural qi is interrupted it can cause many different sicknesses or … [Read more...]

Massage Therapy Associates Degree in Illinois

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Elgin Community College Elgin Community College offers an Associates Degree in Massage Therapy and students are required to complete 750 hours.  Courses are based in sciences, massage techniques and theory, and business ethics.  Individuals are required to pass MAS 100 with a 75 percent or higher before taking any other massage therapy classes.  Students will also work clinical laboratories to … [Read more...]



A masseuse is also known as a massage therapist.  They help you to reduce your overall stress while promoting a physical and mental well being.  Massage therapists work in a variety of different locations.  You can choose to go to a spa or wellness center, Chiropractic office, physical therapy clinic or even a gym.  Masseuses can choose to also work independently or on location.  Some offices have … [Read more...]