Olive Oil and Your Health

olive oil

Olive oil is necessary for good health!  Olive oil is commonly referred to as Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).  This food staple has become very popular in America due to its properties that increase HDL levels and lower LDL levels which is the bad cholesterol.  If people replace the bad oils like those found in hydrogenated and saturated fats and use olive oil, they have a significant chance of lowering their LDL levels and their blood sugar.  In addition, olive oil is resistant to oxidative stress.  This means that it protects you from LDL (bad cholesterol) damage.  In addition, Olive Oil helps to protect the endothelial lining of the artery walls.

 Helps in the fight against heart disease

 Since Olive oil protects the arteries walls they are able to relax and fully dilate which helps prevent atherosclerosis, or “hardening of the arteries.”  This is why incidence of heart disease is greatly reduced in European societies due to over-consumption of Olive oil.  Furthermore, Olive oil has also been shown decrease elevated blood pressure which is known as hypertension in the medical community.  In addition, it has similar effects at reducing inflammation like Ibuprofen.  However, Olive oil is significantly safer to ingest than any over-the-counter pain reliever on the market today.

Europe is healthier

 There have been many studies regarding how individuals in European societies are significantly healthier than the rest of the world due to their increased consumption of olive oil and even more fats.  Why is this you might ask?  The difference is strictly the use of Olive oil in their everyday diet.  Olive oil contains polyphenols which increases your HDL levels and helps them to dispose of your LDL levels and therefore lower them in your blood.  Oleic acid is found in Olive oil; this acid has been shown to reduce cancer risks because it allows reduction in the specific chemicals that decrease cancer cell growth.  This is exactly why these two diets decrease the risk for breast cancer.  Olive oil may also help prevent and repair the bone loss that is seen in many diseases.

 How to use Olive Oil

First, Olive oil should be bought cold pressed and stored in a very dark container.  The term “cold-pressed,” means that minimal heat was used in processing.  Keep Olive oil away from any heat and always store in a very dark area to keep its nutritional properties intact.  Always purchase this item in small amounts and use within a few months; large containers and long storage can allow Olive oil go rancid in your kitchen.  It should never be cooked to obtain the best health benefits.  Olive Oil and Your Health go hand-in-hand.  Don’t every overheat Olive oil because it loses its nutritional components.  It’s important to always cook Olive oil using low heat.  Safflower oil is a much better alternative for cooking at higher temperatures.  Get at least a couple teaspoons a day in your diet to reduce health risks.