International Chiropractors Association

International Chiropractors Association

A professional organization or association is created to promote a profession, to bring professionals with similar values together, to further expand research and education within a profession and to promote international awareness of a specific profession. The International Chiropractors Association, or ICA, is an organization that was created to do these same things for their members within the chiropractic profession. The International Chiropractors Association was founded in 1926 by a chiropractor named B.J. Palmer in Davenport, Iowa. The ICA began as the UCA (Universal Chiropractors Association) in 1906. The original purpose of the UCA was to provide legal counsel for chiropractic physicians who were threatened with prosecution and possible jail time for treating patients. This organization is the oldest chiropractic association and to this day, promotes the original philosophy that chiropractic care can cure all diseases within the human body by correcting spinal subluxations. Although this has remained the major focus of the ICA’s philosophy over the years, many chiropractic physicians do not agree with this type of chiropractic philosophy and the number of ICA members has continued to decline. Compared to another chiropractic association, the American Chiropractic Association, or ACA, the ICA has 1/5th the amount of members.

Differing Philosophies

The American Chiropractic Association was founded in the year 1922 after which it merged with the Universal Chiropractor Association in 1930. It was reformed and reorganized in 1963 to form the American Chiropractic Association. The main purpose of the ACA is to provide lobbying for chiropractic legislation concerning public relations and professional and educational opportunities for DCs as well as provides funds for research regarding chiropractic and health related issues. Contrast this with the ICA; the ACA has 9 different specialty areas of chiropractic through its specialty councils which are diplomates (advanced study in specific areas) from diagnostic imaging, neurology, nutrition, sports medicine and several others. Contrast this to the ICA where they have different councils including sports health science and fitness, chiropractic pediatrics, wellness science, upper cervical care and several others. The ICA promotes a focus on chiropractic care central to the subluxation complex which in correction restores health whereas the ACA views chiropractic as a correction of disorders to the musculoskeletal systems and nervous system with therapeutic means and a hands-on approach as well. There seems to be no mention of subluxation in the ACA terminology, as stated on their website that the purpose of a spinal manipulation is to “restore joint mobility” by use of a manually controlled force to joints that have become hypomobile as a result of tissue injury. This is in contrast to the ICA’s view of what an “adjustment” or spinal manipulation does. Although there are differing philosophies of what chiropractic is and a split among chiropractors on differing views, the fact remains that chiropractic seeks to promote health through drugless, non-surgical means to aid the body in healing. The end is the same and therefore chiropractors are united, regardless of their practice styles in the end, to help patients achieve better health and promote healing.

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