Foraminal Narrowing Symptoms

foraminal stenosis

Do you suffer with chronic low back or neck pain that causes radiating numbness and tingling symptoms into your limbs?  You might be suffering from foraminal narrowing symptoms.  When pain is at its worst, foraminal stenosis can limit your activities of daily living and permit you from doing the things you love, like picking up your grandson or granddaughter, gardening, playing golf or tennis, riding a bike, and even walking short distances.  When the spinal canal narrows this creates less space for the essential nerves and vascular structures, applying pressure and causing nerve pain.  This condition can even cause loss of bladder and bowel function.  The most common cause of neural foraminal stenosis is due to disc degeneration.  Throughout our lifetime, the disc can herniated, causing a disc bulge and later causing stenosis.


Common treatment for this condition includes but is not limited to: Chiropractic adjustments, physical therapy, Cortisone injections, and anti-inflammatory medications.  Back surgery should be used only when all other treatments fail.  The surgery typically has to be repeated because it’s ineffective at decreasing the pain and root of the cause.  By cutting away the foramina, the body will further develop scar tissue/adhesions and cause more pain, inflammation, and decreased mobility.  A Chiropractic technique known as Cox Flexion/Distraction helps to decompress or “pump” the disc to bring blood into the damaged tissues, relieving pain and inflammation and therefore increasing range of motion.  This technique allows normal sensations to return to the arms and legs and eliminates the numbness and tingling.  One must take every consideration into effect when choosing an appropriate treatment for foraminal narrowing.