Learn Massage Therapy at U.S. Career Institute

Massage Students

About U.S Career Institute U.S. Career Institute is an online school that offers a variety of educational opportunities.  Students are provided with real world curriculum and customized textbooks to help advance their education and career skills.  All classes are taken online and students work at their own pace.  There is no need to commute or attend class as everything is completed at the rate … [Read more...]

Massage Pregnancy

Pregnancy Massage

Massage Pregnancy Massage Pregnancy is different from a regular massage in various ways.  The main difference is that the client is pregnant and it is important for the masseuse to know the anatomy of a pregnant woman.  It is critical that the masseuse places the client in proper positioning that’s safe for the baby and the mother.  There are also several parts of the body that should not be … [Read more...]

Massage Table Types

Earthlite Massage Table

Earthlite Massage Table Earthlite Massage manufactures high quality massage products including massage tables, massage chairs, massage supplies, and accessories.  All products are made of earth friendly materials and come with a lifetime warranty.  The Earthlite portable massage table is the number one pick for most massage therapists.  The table is designed to fit any body type and comes with a … [Read more...]

Universal Class: Massage Therapy Program

Massage Therapy

About Universal Class. Universal Class is an online education company that provides affordable classes to scholars, educators, and students.  Approximately 300,000 students have enrolled in at least one course at Universal Class.  The program is open to anyone who has a high school reading level.  This type of program is appealing to people with busy schedules that don’t have time to make it to … [Read more...]

Massage Envy Offerings

Massage Envy Offerings

Customized Massage Therapy Massage Envy, located in several regions of the U.S, employs certified and licensed massage therapists to make a difference in the lives of clients who are suffering from back pain, stress, anxiety and other health issues.  Clients can choose from a variety of massages including Swedish massage, Deep Tissue Massage, sports massage, pre-natal massage and Reflexology.  … [Read more...]

Oriental Massage-Tui-na Chinese Massage

Yui-na Massage

What is Tui-na? Tui- na is an oriental massage that has been around since the Ming Dynasty and focuses on breaking down scar tissue and increasing blood flow.  When blood flow is increased, the body is able to heal faster.  The concept of this massage is kneading and stretching the muscles to enhance blood flow.  There are both physical and psychological health benefits to this massage and people … [Read more...]

Massage During Pregnancy and Chiropractic

Pregnancy Massage

  What comes to your mind when you hear the two words Massage Pregnancy?  Hopefully, you think it’s a safe and relaxing way for the new-to-be mom to rejuvenate her ever-changing body.  Pregnancy massage is very safe in the second and third trimester but traditionally contraindicated in the first. What to Expect The expectant mother will most likely be more comfortable on her side as her … [Read more...]

Massage During Pregnancy and Misconceptions

Massage Pregnancy

Massages during pregnancy are extremely beneficial to the mother and baby.  They help to relax and improve the mothers overall circulation as well as help her with the labor later on.  Pregnancy massage is entirely different than a regular massage in the mother doesn’t lie directly on her stomach.  The massage is done while the mother lies on her back or side.  Certain massage techniques cannot be … [Read more...]

Requirements for Massage Therapist Careers

Training/Education Requirements There are 33 states that regulate practicing standards of massage therapists.  Nearly all 33 states require a minimum of 500 hours of training and passing an examination to practice massage therapy.  Some states require 1,000 hours of training prior to beginning a massage therapy career.  It is practical to check out your state requirements before choosing a … [Read more...]

Middle Back Discomfort and Pregnancy


With the human body, there are many opportunities for injury. We are prone to trauma just walking down the street or riding in our vehicles. I am sure that injury has even been accomplished by a person performing little to no movement at all. Another opportunity for injury to a female is during pregnancy. At a time when all body systems are working overtime and hormones are increasing at an … [Read more...]