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Hair and Health

Unhealthy hair can be a sign of medical and nutritional problems. About Hair and Health Unlike skin, which shows signs of a poor diet quickly, hair may take months to demonstrate a nutritional deficiency. An unbalanced diet and … [Read More...]

Military Neck

Military Neck A straight cervical spine, also known as military neck, means that the neck curvature has been lost. What is Military Neck? Neck curve, or cervical lordosis, is normal and stabilizes the spine and head.  If that curve … [Read More...]

Spinal Motion

A healthy spine is a spine in motion, and there are alternatives to back surgery. Healthy Spinal Motion The “functional unit of the spinal column” is called the motion segment, which is made up of soft tissue and bony structures.  It is th … [Read More...]

Tailbone Pain and Relief

Tailbone pain can be relieved in a variety of medical and alternative ways. Causes of Tailbone Pain The tailbone, also known as the coccyx, is located at the base of the spine.  Trauma to the tailbone can occur during childbirth, from degeneration, from a fall, and even as a result of sitting on a hard surface for a … [Read More...]

Pain in the Jaw Joint

Pain in the jaw joint can be a result of many issues, including temporomandibular joint disorder. Sore Jaw Symptoms and Causes The jaw joint is also known as the TMJ or temporomandibular joint.  A patient complaining of jaw joint pain may have tightness in the jaw, the jaw clicking when eating, perhaps the right side of … [Read More...]

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