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Cheerleading and Chiropractic

Cheerleaders are athletes who can benefit from chiropractic care. Cheerleader Stunts and Injuries Cheerleading can cause nearly as many injuries in high school and college as football.  Cheerleaders combine dance, gymnastics, and stunts, … [Read More...]

Massage Therapy on Cruise Ships

Cruise ships offer a variety of amenities, including medical care, spa experiences, and even massage therapy. Vacation Injuries and Illnesses Cruise ships are a floating resort experience.  They provide many opportunities to be physically active, from dancing and swimming, to sightseeing and off-shore excursions, and … [Read More...]

Calf Muscle Injuries

A muscle injury in the calf can be minor or serious. Types of Calf Muscle Injuries The calf of the lower leg is made up of soleus, plantaris, and gastrocnemius muscles.  These calf muscles, at the back of the leg, are responsible for pulling the heel bone up when pushing off during running and walking.  Often, a calf … [Read More...]

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